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TV Attribution: Understanding reach and engagement

Presenting the Leon model, SEAT used wywy’s TV Analytics solution to measure the impact of its TV campaign on website visits and conversions. This helped gain a deeper understanding for future campaign planning of which factors drove viewer engagement.

SEAT implemented wywy’s TV Analytics code on its website to measure the effect of the TV commercial. During the three week campaign, wywy detected the TV commercials the instant they aired. The analysis focused on which channel, which day, which hour and which TV show genre drove the highest and lowest engagement.

TV Analytics Results:
wywy’s TV Analytics allowed SEAT to understand which factors drove engagement as a basis for future TV campaign planning.

With regards to conversions, the campaign identified a large spill-over effect of the SEAT Leon ads on other SEAT models, even surpassing the overall amount of Leon car configurations.

Regarding day parts, prime time and late night were the most expensive bookings in terms of reach. While prime time had an average engagement rate and therefore an acceptable cost per visit, late night airings did not foster engagement, making it by far the most expensive day part from an engagement point of view. Daytime airings showed good performance, especially due to the comparatively cheaper reach.

The genre of the TV show had a large effect on engagement. Although crime shows were below average in terms of price, it lead too very weak engagement, making it the most expensive genre in terms of performance. Very expensive reach categories such as documentation and science fiction showed very high engagement rates, leading to a good performance.








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