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TV Analytics: Understanding TV audience engagement for pharmaceutical products

TV ads for pharmaceutical products ask the viewers to consult with their doctor or visit a specific website to find out more. Using wywy’s TV Analytics solution, a pharmaceutical producer analyzed the TV commercials’ effect on website visits to understand what factors drove engagement.

The TV campaign promoted a drug against a common chronic illness amongst adults. The spot encouraged viewers to visit a specific website for more information on the drug. wywy’s TV Analytics solution measured the immediate engagement following each airing, displaying the incremental uplift in website visits for each individual TV airing.

Looking at the time of airing and factoring in the costs for each airing, the lunch, afternoon and early evening day parts showed the best results in terms of audience reach (measured in cost per point, CPP) and audience engagement (cost per engagement, CPE). While prime time’s engagement rate was similar to the rest of the day, the higher airing costs resulted in rather high CPP and CPE.

Cost per point (CPP) and cost per engagement (CPE) by airing hour

Source: wywy

Looking at the type of show revealed when the target group is most receptive to the advertising message. Looking at the most booked shows, active shows (e.g. live gaming shows, news, weather) had almost four times the engagement compared to passive shows (re-runs of 20+ year old TV series & shows).

Difference of CPP and CPE by show type




Source: wywy

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