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TV Analytics: Measuring TV viewers’ online engagement

With its massive reach, TV advertising delivers its message to a large audience. Using wywy’s TV Analytics, international real estate group Ege Yapı gained a deep understanding on how to optimize their campaign to drive viewers to engage online following the TV ad.

Ege Yapı turned to their agency Neodigital to find an innovative way of tying TV viewers with the visits on their website to better understand the impact of TV advertising. Neodigital set up the wywy TV Analytics solution for the first time ever in the Turkish market, pioneering the way for measuring TV viewers’ online engagement.

Results of the analysis:
wywy’s TV attribution enabled Ege Yapi to identify easily actionable areas for improvement for future TV campaigns, resulting in double-digit ROI improvement potential, both by optimizing the media plan regarding the TV channel / TV shows and the days.























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