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TV Analytics: Experteer identifies best performing TV airing slots

TV is still the largest advertising channel, but measuring a TV campaign’s direct online impact is quite hard. With wywy’s TV Analytics, premium career service Experteer analyzed its TV commercials’ effect on website KPIs in real-time, thereby identifying the best performing slots and understanding how to optimize the campaign.

Experteer used wywy’s TV Analytics to understand its TV campaign’s impact on mobile user behavior and desktop conversions, defined as signups for the premium career service. After Experteer implemented wywy’s TV Analytics code on its website, wywy tracked the TV commercials the instant they aired, allowing Experteer to measure the TV commercial’s effect in real-time.

Results of the analysis:

The mobile conversion rate for TV-inspired users was three times higher than the average conversion rate, the desktop conversion rate doubled.

The analysis also showed the best performing airing slots as well as the optimization potential for different day parts and TV channels:


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