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Suzuki drives website conversions with TV-synced paid search campaigns

TV commercials drive searches for the promoted brands and products. Suzuki synced TV ads and paid search campaigns to lead these TV-inspired searches to their own website. By telling a seamless brand story through SearchSync, the automotive innovator ultimately drove website conversions.

37% of TV viewers search online for the product shown during a commercial break. For the introduction of the new Vitara model, Suzuki used wywy’s SearchSync to help facilitate the consumer journey to conversion. By syncing the TV commercial with the corresponding paid search campaign in real-time, Suzuki owned the top position in the search results immediately after the TV commercial aired.

Results of the post-campaign analysis:

TV ads drive searches

  • Synced campaign was
    • Served in the number one position for all searches
    • Live for 10% of the time, yet accounted for 20% of overall impressions
  • Cost per click only increased by 33%, with a CTR uplift of 43%

Mobile first!

  • Mobile and tablet share of traffic increased by 50%
  • Total share of traffic for mobile and tablet was 70%
  • Mobile drove the largest rise in click-through rates
  • Mobile accounted for a 30% increase in conversions

Customer journey fast-track

  • Conversion uplift of 16%
  • Initial brand contact is a deciding factor for purchase intent with TV-inspired users who are at an early stage of the conversion funnel



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