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SearchSync: Atkins engages TV viewers across screens

TV ads drive searches for the product shown in the commercial. Atkins Nutritionals used wywy's SearchSync to synchronize their TV ads and paid search campaigns - engaging TV viewers across screens and boosting website conversions.

37% of TV viewers search online for the product shown during a TV commercial. For its national TV campaign in June 2015, weight loss specialist Atkins Nutritionals used wywy’s SearchSync to strengthen the position as the low carb leader and engage users across screens.

Synchronizing TV and paid search campaigns in real-time allowed Atkins to appear at the number one search result during and directly after the TV commercial was aired, leading TV-inspired searches to the own website.

Results of the post-campaign analysis:

Significant engagement uplift for TV-inspired users

  • -32.80% bounce rate
  • +33.68% pages per visit
  • +47.92% time on site

Higher purchase intent with mobile users

  • +19% click-through rate
  • +16% mobile conversion rate
  • -18% cost per conversion
  • +3.8% mobile conversions in total



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