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Audibene identifies TV plan’s optimization potential with TV Analytics

Thanks to a vast majority of Second Screen users surfing online while watching TV, advertisers are now able to measure the effect of their TV commercials on website KPIs in real-time. E-commerce retailer Audibene analyzed the own TV commercial’s online impact with wywy’s TV Analytics, understanding how the return on TV ad spending can be maximized.

Audibene, an e-commerce retailer for hearing aids, used wywy’s TV Analytics to understand the TV commercial’s effect on conversions and to identify the optimization potential of the TV plan to get the maximum conversions with a fixed budget.

After Audibene implemented the TV Analytics code on its homepage wywy tracked the TV commercial’s airings in real-time, allowing Audibene to analyze the TV commercial’s online effect. Thereby the retailer for hearing aids identified the optimization potential of the TV plan on the basis of e.g. the best performing TV channel and day part.

Results of the analysis:

TV Analytics showed that the TV commercial’s airings led to a significant conversion uplift, up to a conversion rate of 130% in one week of the campaign. TV-inspired visits doubled the conversion rate overall, compared to regular visits.


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