Legacy Products

SmartLog is an end-to-end video and audio workflow management platform. SmartLog is modular, flexible and easy-to-use; providing a comprehensive platform solution for streamlining video and audio workflows.

Smartlog’s components cope with all aspects of a rich-media supply chain:

  • Capturing and encoding to and from a variety of formats
  • Recording 24/7 or on a scheduled basis
  • Powerful automated indexing capabilities
  • User-friendly tools for search-through, viewing, markups and annotations
  • High-end archiving and publishing capabilities

Smartlog’s modular infrastructure, together with User Interface and Server SmartLog APIs (SAPI), allows it to be easily and efficiently customized and fine-tuned to specific user requirements.


  • Streamlines workflows – Smartlog Monitors data in real-time and automatically detects topics of interest and transcribes them
  • Real-time streaming and instantaneous VOD – Simultaneously records, indexes and streams for VOD applications
  • Powerful desktop functionality – High-end user-friendly tools such as frame-accurate editing and topic detection to extract and repackage information
  • Format and Hardware agnostic – Compliant with multiple video and audio formats including, but not limited to MPEG-2, Windows Media, MPEG-4-ISO and WMT; Linear PCM, MPEG1L2, MP3 mono or stereo audio
  • Customizable for dedicated workflows – Modular infrastructure and User Interface API allow quick, easy and effective customization for industry and user specific workflows


  • Media Monitoring – SmartLog has been implemented globally as a high-end media information platform, allowing 24/7 capture and analysis of broadcast channels, together with advanced automated indexing capabilities including fingerprinting and speech recognition.
  • Video Production Workflow and Archiving – SmartLog is a versatile solution for a multitude of video production workflow and archiving tasks in non-broadcast and broadcast environments.
  • Legislative and Local Government – record Parliamentary or Judicial hearings – index, transcribe and make them available for real-time streaming or instantaneous VOD
  • Military and Civil Intelligence – capture a variety of open or internal sources, in different forms and formats. Users can obtain pinpointed access to the material, filter and mark selected segments for further analysis, and pass those down the information supply chain.