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AdScanner is an Ad and Campaign specific automated and digitized media monitoring system. AdScanner enables accurate automated detection, analyzation and indexation of advertising airplay and broadcast quality parameters.

With AdScanner, media monitoring evolved from a labor-intensive field of guesswork to an automated, measurable science. Providing media monitoring and information firms sophisticated and scalable means to improve their scope and response time and deliver accurate and valuable information all while lowering overhead.

Media monitoring and information firms can now offer advertisers accurate information to measure their Return on Investment (ROI), better analyze qualitative and quantitative ad parameters, identify trends, and leverage opportunities based on hard digital facts.

AdScanner Highlights

  • Triple-tier solution for audio/video monitoring workflows: Playlist Generation, Verification, and Creative Capture.
  • Highly accurate with version discrepancy detection based on both audio and video.
  • Highly scalable and fully distributed architecture with centralized operation and information flow; allowing reliable remote capture and maintenance of analog/digital/IP-based broadcast
  • Sophisticated fingerprint and watermark options (or both), depending on market requirements.

Triple-tier solution: Playlist Generation, Verification, Creative Capture

AdScanner offers a comprehensive triple-tier solution to the audio/video monitoring workflow; Playlist Generation, verification, and Creative Capture; integrated into one single scalable system.

Playlist Generation – Based on real-time recognition of audio/video fingerprints or watermarks, AdScanner generates a full log of specified ad playtimes and quality measurements over multiple channels; noting key indexing data e.g. name of advertiser, name of product, broadcast channel and exact spot duration.

Verification – AdScanner compares the data in the generated playlist to expected duration and quality parameters and identifies version discrepancies. When found, the system immediately notifies of any deviations from expected values in order to maximize ad efficacy.

Creative Capture – Using advanced automatic methods, AdScanner watches for newly broadcast ads. When detected, the system records, logs and automatically creates an easily accessible indexed archive of these items. Operators can then review, catalog and retrieve/deliver them.

Highly-Accurate Version Discrepancy Resolution
Always in touch with media monitoring needs, wywy’s AdScanner contains built-in, highly-accurate version discrepancy detection. AdScanner catches version changes that other solutions miss – detecting as little as one second changes in video, and three second changes in audio, without manual review.

Globally implemented and field-proven Adscanner paved the path of transition to Digital Workflow
AdScanner smoothed the road to digital productivity, with built-in workflow management capabilities that facilitate easy internal dissemination of broadcast commercials between workstations ;allowing analysts to review, characterize, tag, measure, and compare broadcast ads with a user-friendly interface customized for their specific needs.
The generated information logs along with corresponding video segments get automatically stored and indexed on the AdScanner media server for fast and efficient location and retrieval.

Customization, End-to-End Implementation, World-Class Support
wywy’s expert Professional Services group stands ready to assist in implementing AdScanner and customizing a wide range of interface and functionality parameters to each client’s unique needs and workflow. With a wealth of experience in a variety of environments, wywy’s Support Engineers are available 24/7 to provide immediate response to mission-critical issues.

Designed for Growth and the Future
Designed for growth and evolving client demands, AdScanner easily handles from 5 to 5000 channels. Uniquely tailored for large, geographically and linguistically diverse operations, AdScanner’s distributed architecture allows reliable remote capture and maintenance. Remote tuning is highly-scalable (8 channels in 1U), featuring robust recording servers with an especially small footprint. A future proof solution, AdScanner supports emerging standards like IPTV and HDTV.