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Our solutions introduce capabilities that unlock new realms of information and data to be researched and analyzed all based on actual viewer behavior in real-time.

Monitor specific TV content on a global scale

ItemSync allows you to tag specific TV content and then monitor it in real-time on a global scale, no matter which channel or time. Use our API for an easy integration into your systems so that you can start analyzing the moment the specific TV content was aired. Or use ItemSync to create automated landing pages for the tagged TV content.

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Synchronize the first and second screen to capture viewers’ actions in real-time

ChannelSync allows you to synchronize your Second Screen application with the first screen. ChannelSync automatically determines the channel the viewer is watching and the latency of the TV signal at the viewer’s home allowing you to synchronize both screens on an individual viewer level. ChannelSync uses the audio signal and therefore works without any additional hardware set-up, TV signal manipulation or similar. Now you can capture viewers’ opinions and actions in real-time without any hassle.

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LiveAd Analyze
Optimize your media plan with real-time TV campaign tracking

Analyze in real-time how effective your TV spendings are. LiveAd Analyze precisely determines when your TV commercial is being aired (relying on your media plan will give you mediocre results at best) thus allowing you to understand which ad air times, which spots and which channels peform best to continuously optimize your TV media spendings. LiveAd Analyze easily integrates into all common analytics tools so you can analyze your data within your preferred and proven solution.

The following analytics tools are supported
(ask us when your tool becomes available if it is not on the list)

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