wywy for broadcasters and TV networks

TV usage and viewing is entering into a new paradigm. Broadcasters and TV networks are in a unique position to take advantage of the new possibilities that our solutions offer.

Synchronize the first and second screen to capture viewers’ actions in real-time

ChannelSync allows you to synchronize a Second Screen application with the first screen. ChannelSync automatically determines the channel the viewer is watching and the latency of the TV signal at the viewer’s home allowing you to synchronize both screens on an individual viewer level. ChannelSync uses the audio signal through a simple SDK & API and therefore works without any additional hardware set-up, TV signal manipulation or similar. Now you can let users automatically check into a show, push relevant additional content at the exact right moment in real-time, e.g. “buy this outfit” when the outfit is shown on TV or “see the football player’s statistics” when he shoots a goal. Or use the Second Screen as an interactive return channel to capture viewers’ opinions and actions (e.g. “Which contestant is the best?”) and integrate the results on the first screen.

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Monetize your audience with perfectly synchronized TV ads

AdSync brings TV commercials onto the Second Screen the moment they are being aired. All you need is to integrate a simple SDK which determines the program the viewer is watching and pushes a TV ad at the instant it is shown on the viewer’s TV screen. Each ad impression means revenue for you, we take care of all the rest.

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LiveAd Flash
Instantly extend the reach of your TV advertising to the “Second Screen”

Take advantage of the growing number of television viewers who use a “Second Screen” while watching TV. Our LiveAd Flash Second Screen Network allows you to target the viewer on both the First and Second Screen at the same time, creating a true and perfectly synchronized cross-media experience. The result: Strong uplift on brand and image KPIs.

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