Synchronized broadcast detection & interactivity solutions

We offer a wide range of solutions and introduce new capabilities – find out how wywy can help your business.

We offer a wide range of solutions and introduce new capabilities.
Our offerings are based on our robust and field-proven technology that you can rely on.

  • Advertisers
    Create true cross-media campaigns and extend your advertising campaigns in real-time onto the Second Screen to further engage and interact with your potential customers.
  • Marketers & Agencies
    Let us help you to create true cross-media campaigns, optimize your TV media plan, or set up your ad targeting RTB strategy.
  • Broadcasters
    Make your TV programs interactive to the split second, collect real-time data on your audience’s’ viewing habits and trends, set up loyalty programs and content discovery packages.
  • Social TV providers
    Take your applications to a new level with automatic check-ins into TV shows, broadcast & user synchronization and synchronized advertising.
  • Cable & satellite operators
    Enlarge your offering with Second Screen services, let your users engage on the Second Screen in real-time, trigger additional content based on the shows being broadcast.
  • Content owners & producers
    Develop new applications based on our full-service white label offering or enhance your own applications using our TV synchronization capabilities.
  • Information & research
    Monitor TV content and analyze trends in viewers behavior on a local and global basis, get real-time TV analytics.
  • Legacy Products
    Media Monitoring Solutions and Services with ‘Smartlog’ and ‘AdScanner’.