Comparing media plan and actual spot airing times’ effect on TV attribution

Many clients ask us why we do not like to work with the media plan for TV attribution. After all, the broadcast schedule is readily available once the TV campaign has been planned. We always say that it is not accurate enough as actual airing times can differ quite substantially from the plan, resulting in  misleading numbers.

For the comparison analysis, wywy collected the website traffic data with its own traffic pixel. Regarding the TV ad airing times, wywy employed its proprietary real-time TV ad detection platform to determine actual airing times. In addition, wywy used the airing times of the media plan for comparison.

When using the media plan results for optimizing the TV budget for maximum engagement, the drawn recommendations can be misleading, if not completely false. Regarding the direct impact of TV advertising, the analysis based on media plan airing numbers underestimated the effect by a factor of almost 2.

TV-inspired visits: Media plan vs. actual airing times



Source: wywy

Optimizing the TV budget for maximum engagement did not result in any better performance when using the media plan. As an example, wywy shifted the budget from the 1, 2, 3, and 4 worst performing TV channels to 1, 2, 3, and 4 best performing TV channels. While the analysis showed a real optimization potential of 40% for actual airing time data, the real optimization potential based on the media plan airing data was only 4%.

TV engagement optimization potential: Media plan vs. actual airing times






Source: wywy

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