TV Sync: How to tell a connected brand story across screens

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What is TVSync®?

TVSync®? means the synchronization of TV ads with online systems in real-time. Basis for the synchronization is an automated content recognition (ACR) technology, which detects a TV ad the instant it is aired. It automatically pushes the real-time detection to advertising and analytics platforms, for the activation of TV synced digital campaigns. The real-time detection is essential: Airings tend to be off schedule by an average of more than five minutes, but advertisers typically have about three minutes to capture the attention of the second screeners.

With TV Sync®, advertisers can tell a seamless brand story across multiple screens, winning back the attention of TV viewers on their Second Screen on the one hand and capturing the TV-inspired viewers, who are looking for additional information on their mobile device, on the other hand. Syncing online display, social and video ads as well as paid search campaigns and the own website to a TV ad provides a simple path to conversion.


Taking advantage of the Second Screen with TVSync®

1. Recapturing the distracted viewer’s attention
Online ads displayed on the Second Screen at the same time the TV ad airs reinforce the message on the TV screen. TV syncing regains the TV viewer’s attention and thereby increases the ROI, as the ads are more likely to resonate with the consumer when being delivered across multiple screens.

Serving TV-synced online ads also opens up an immediate engagement channel with the viewer. Using his mobile device, he is only one click away from the advertiser’s online appearance and doesn’t even need to type in the advertisers URL to directly respond to the ad’s call to action.

2. Capturing the TV-inspired viewer
27% of TV viewers look up product information online after watching a TV advertisement, making it vital to immediately provide the information he is looking for. Syncing website and paid search campaigns to a TV ad therefore makes a conversion as easy as possible, as TV-inspired viewers find the information they are looking for when their purchase intend is highest.

3. Allowing to measure the impact of TV ads
The real-time detection, also allows advertisers to easily measure and analyze the direct impact of a TV ad on their website KPIs. They can test and optimize their campaigns, thereby identifying the best performing TV slots and optimizing their TV ad ROI.

Watch the video how Nissan successfully used TV Sync for its Pulsar launch (more information):

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