Super Bowl 2015: State of integrating TV ads across screens

Seamless storytelling across several screens is a key challenge today, with 78% of internet users accessing Second Screen devices during shows and almost 1 in 3 TV viewers looking up product information online after watching a TV ad. Especially Super Bowl TV advertisers, who book the most expensive TV ads, should integrate their message across the basic marketing channels such as search and their own website, taking this opportunity to reinforce their message and drive better consumer engagement.

We studied 56 Super Bowl 2015 national TV commercials broadcast on February 1, 2015 and checked search results for brand and product-related keywords as well as advertisers’ homepages for the product seen in the TV commercial on desktop computers and on mobile devices.

Key results:

Most advertisers connected their TV advertising with a cross-screen social media experience through hashtags to encourage trending of their ads on Twitter, almost half (48%) actually secured the appropriate hashtags to insure accurate and seamless social media experiences.

However, TV-inspired viewers searching for the advertised product or visiting the website in 1 out of 2 cases didn’t find what they were looking for.

For search results, the study found

  • Only 60% of advertisers claimed the top positions for related keywords
  • While 91% of advertisers showed up for the top position for their brand keywords

Looking at the homepage of the advertisers

  • Only 45% of advertisers showed a clearly visible reference to the advertised product on the homepage of its website
  • 37% showed the product with compromised visibility (in a slide show, a small space or lower on the display causing a need to scroll)
  • 18% did not connect daily cialis dosage their website with the Super Bowl ad message at all

In regards to the mobile presence of the advertisers, the study found

  • Only 38% prominently displayed the product on the mobile version of its homepage
  • 42% showed the product with compromised visibility (in a slide show, a small space or lower on the mobile device display causing a need to scroll)
  • 20% neglected to connect their mobile website to the Super Bowl ad message


Infographic: Are brands making the most of Super Bowl ads?

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