State of connecting TV ads with websites

This lack of integration across TV and online ads hurts business: The majority of TV viewers nowadays use a mobile device while watching TV and directly want to buy or seek more information about the promoted product on the website.

In September and October 2014, we researched TV advertisers in the USA, UK and Germany and compared their TV ads to their homepages.

The result:

One in four displayed the product advertised on TV on their homepage, one in six on the mobile version of the homepage. This means, that marketers spend millions for TV ads, but most of them lose interested viewers on their websites.

The solution:

Creating a seamless customer experience with TV ad-synced website and mobile content. When an interested Second Screener finds the TV-promoted product on the homepage, conversion rates increase on average two to five fold.



Stats: TV-synced websites

Stats: TV-synced mobile version of websites

Infographic US: Connecting TV ads with websites

Infographic UK: Connecting TV ads with websites

Infographic DE: Connecting TV ads with websites
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