How to set up TV campaign tracking in Adobe Analytics


  • Integration guide for TV Tracking with Adobe Analytics (Step 1-7)
  • Attribution of website visits for a TV ad
  • More information: How TV campaign tracking works, TV campaign tracking – why and how?


The TV viewers’ behavior has massively changed from paying attention to one screen only to at least two screens at the same time: Through this Second Screen usage, TV advertisers can easily track the online-impact of their TV ads in real-time. We already covered how TV Tracking works and why it is important.

The wywy TV Analytics plugin allows you to enhance the tracking data from your website with your TV ad airing data. You will be able to distinguish between your regular website traffic and website visitors who interacted with it while the TV ad was running, or shortly after.

The plugin works through a data connector in your Adobe Analytics reporting suite.

Integration guide for TV Tracking with Adobe Analytics

What you need for setting up TV Tracking for your TV ads:

  • Access to the Adobe Marketing Cloud report and privileges to make changes (add a new data connector)
  • An existing eVar (Custom Variable), that is available/created prior to staring the integration wizard
  • A wywy customer ID, that will tie the TV ads, you want to monitor to your Adobe Analytics Account

New customers should reach out to our team who will be happy to support you.

Step 1: Navigate to the “Data Connector” section in your Adobe Marketing Cloud Analytics account, using the menu item.
Step 2: Generate a new Adobe Analytics Data Connector for wywy, by clicking on “add new”.
The “wywy” Data Connector product will show up in the “In Laboratory” selection now.
Step 3: Start the integration wizard that will take you through the necessary steps.
Step 4: Accept the terms and conditions and give the integration a memorable name, e.g. “wywy TV Data”.
Step 5: Add the wywy customer ID (6 digits) and select a detection timeframe (number of seconds to look back for detection events). We recommend using 300 seconds.
Step 6: Set the eVar you want to use and a name, if you have not already done this yet.
Step 7: Deploy the integration code on your websiteGo to the “wywy” Data Connector and open the “Support” tab. In the “Ressources” section, download the “wywy Integration Code v1_0”. Include the Integrate Module, if not already in use (see below), as the integration code works together with the Integrate Module and needs to be available as part of the Adobe Analytics deployment. Deploy the code using the Tag Manager, Dynamic Tag Manager or ask the department responsible for maintaining your Adobe Analytics tracking code to do so.

Guide to include the Integrate Module:

AppMeasurement implementation

  • AppMeasurement
  • Unzip the file, which can be found in “Admin Tools > CodeManager”.
  • Open the file named “AppMeasurement_Module_Integrate.js”.
  • Copy and paste the contents of this file into your primary AppMeasurement.js file right before the “do not make any changes below this line” comment.

Legacy Code (H-Code) implementation

  • In the wywy Data Connector make sure you are in the “Support” tab.
  • In the “Resources” section find and download the “Integrate Module – legacy H code” file.
  • Copy and paste that code in your s_code file right before the “do not make any changes below this line” comment.


Attribution of website visits for a TV ad

Once the integration code is deployed on your website, the Adobe Analytics’ data connector wizard will create a sample report showing basic TV-related metrics. The wizard will also create two segments, which you can apply to any report in your analytics suite: “TV visits” and “non-TV visits”.

The “TV visits” segment shows only the visits that started following a TV ad’s airing within the defined look-back window. The “non-TV visits” segment shows the visits that happened at other times.wywy will provide the TV creative name, the TV channel and the TV commercial airing timestamp to all new sessions within a defined attribution time window. This allows you to immediately see the impact of each TV spot airing e.g. on visits, bounce rate and conversions. In addition, you can also analyze which TV creative, TV channel, time of day or week day works best.If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us.

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