Amnet sees strong CTR uplift with synced cross-screen campaign

Technology for TV airing data meets online trading expertise
Almost half of smartphone and tablet owners use their devices as a Second Screen while watching TV. Therefore a key challenge for advertisers is winning back the TV ad awareness lost through distraction by the Second Screen. Using wywy’s technology to track the TV ads of Amnet’s clients in real-time, Amnet can purchase online inventory the instant a TV ad is aired. These cross-screen campaigns allow advertisers to measurably increase TV ad awareness and engagement.
Frank Sültmann, Managing Director at Amnet Germany, explains: “Enhancing our own online targeting platform with wywy’s TV airing data and their deep integration into real-time bidding platforms gives us a new opportunity to target TV viewers with appropriate display and online video advertising”.

CTR uplift and positive responses to brand attitude and purchase intent
wywy and Amnet have launched several successful campaigns in Germany and multiple other European countries. “In a recent mobile campaign for a Telco advertiser in Germany, we saw a 35% increase in click-through-rate, which was achieved with wywy’s synched advertising offering and Amnet’s geo-targeted call-to-action”, adds Janine Liu, Head of Targeting and Media at Amnet. Eric St. Gemme, Director Global Advertising Sales at wywy, highlights the value of cross-screen campaigns: “A vast majority of TV viewers are distracted using their Second Screen while watching TV, meaning that half the effectiveness of TV advertisement is lost. Synched advertisement helps regain ad awareness and bring positive responses to KPIs such as brand attitude and purchase intent”.

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