Success Stories

Case studies on how brands successfully took advantage of the Second Screen

TV Analytics: Understanding TV audience engagement for pharmaceutical products

TV ads for pharmaceutical products ask the viewers to consult with their doctor or visit a specific website to find out more. Using wywy’s TV Analytics solution, a pharmaceutical producer analyzed the TV commercials’ effect on website visits to understand what factors drove engagement.

TV Attribution: Understanding reach and engagement

Presenting the Leon model, SEAT used wywy’s TV Analytics solution to measure the impact of its TV campaign on website visits and conversions. This helped gain a deeper understanding for future campaign planning of which factors drove viewer engagement.

TV Attribution: Driving soccer fan engagement

With the aim to drive soccer fans’ online engagement, Coca-Cola used wywy’s TV Analytics solution to measure the impact of its TV campaign on website visits and conversions. This helped gain a deeper understanding of which factors drove viewer engagement for future campaign planning.

TV Analytics: Measuring TV viewers’ online engagement

With its massive reach, TV advertising delivers its message to a large audience. Using wywy’s TV Analytics, international real estate group Ege Yapı gained a deep understanding on how to optimize their campaign to drive viewers to engage online following the TV ad.

SearchSync: Atkins engages TV viewers across screens

TV ads drive searches for the product shown in the commercial. Atkins Nutritionals used wywy's SearchSync to synchronize their TV ads and paid search campaigns - engaging TV viewers across screens and boosting website conversions.

Suzuki drives website conversions with TV-synced paid search campaigns

TV commercials drive searches for the promoted brands and products. Suzuki synced TV ads and paid search campaigns to lead these TV-inspired searches to their own website. By telling a seamless brand story through SearchSync, the automotive innovator ultimately drove website conversions.

TV Analytics: Experteer identifies best performing TV airing slots

TV is still the largest advertising channel, but measuring a TV campaign’s direct online impact is quite hard. With wywy’s TV Analytics, premium career service Experteer analyzed its TV commercials’ effect on website KPIs in real-time, thereby identifying the best performing slots and understanding how to optimize the campaign.

Audibene identifies TV plan’s optimization potential with TV Analytics

Thanks to a vast majority of Second Screen users surfing online while watching TV, advertisers are now able to measure the effect of their TV commercials on website KPIs in real-time. E-commerce retailer Audibene analyzed the own TV commercial’s online impact with wywy’s TV Analytics, understanding how the return on TV ad spending can be maximized.

Nissan boosts brand awareness with synced TV and online ads

The Second Screen is distracting from the commercial break, as the majority of TV viewers reach to their mobile devices when the ads start airing. With synced TV and digitals ads, Nissan won back the audience’s attention, telling a connected brand story across screens and significantly increasing brand awareness.