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Comparing media plan and actual spot airing times’ effect on TV attribution

Many clients ask us why we do not like to work with the media plan for TV attribution. After all, the broadcast schedule is readily available once the TV campaign has been planned. We always say that it is not accurate enough as actual airing times can differ quite substantially from the plan, resulting in  misleading numbers.

Analyzing TV audience engagement rates: What time should I book my TV commercials?

“What time should I book my commercials?” This is one of the most common questions we get from our clients. By knowing when your audience is the most receptive to your message, and therefore most likely to directly engage with your TV ads, you can uncover how to get the most out of your TV campaign.

Introducing our TV Analytics Dashboard 2.0

TV attribution is hard as you do not have any direct tie (e.g. a click) between the ad and the viewer interaction. Due to the direct tie, digital campaigns can be tracked quite easily on a user basis. For TV attribution, you need to build your own model based on the airing time of the […]