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How new technology impacts direct response TV advertising

With the rise of the smartphone and the tablet, fewer and fewer people pick up the phone to call and order what they just saw on television. This change in viewer behavior has a profound impact on how to measure DRTV campaign success.

TV Analytics: Analyzing and optimizing the TV ad’s online effect

Overview: What is measured? How does TV Analytics work? What is important in selecting an analytics tool? How can I optimize my TV ad ROI? Watch our TV Analytics webinar More information: How TV campaign tracking works TV campaign tracking – why and how? The TV Analytics Plugin   Today, 84% of TV of smartphone […]

Programmatic TV: How it works, the players & the right strategies

Overview: Programmatic TV advertising market size The Programmatic TV players Open auction vs. private marketplace Programmatic TV vs. Addressable TV The right Programmatic TV buying strategy for TV advertisers Demographic Buying, Index-based Buying, Engagement-based Buying Recommended further reading   TV advertising today focuses around trying to reach your target demographic based on TV panel data […]

TV Attribution: The 5 things you need to know

With more and more viewers using a second screen device in parallel to watching TV, this shift in consumer behavior allows TV advertisers to track TV's impact more directly. TV attribution - measuring TV's impact on website visits, conversions, or app installs - has become the new craze for marketers. Here are the five things you need to know if you want to start attributing your TV ads.

How Programmatic TV is changing the ad currency

Today’s TV ad buy relies on Nielsen’s TV ratings in the US, an independent third-party and industry-accepted metric serving as the currency between buyers (advertisers) and sellers (broadcasters). Although there have been many discussions whether TV ratings are correct, whether there are more accurate ratings out there etc., fact is that the industry players do […]