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How to measure TV advertising effectiveness

With almost 40% of worldwide ad spendings, TV advertising still takes the lion's share. But the rise of online advertising and its detailed performance measurement capabilities brings up the question on how to measure the effectiveness of TV advertising.

How to attribute app downloads to TV advertising

With more and more apps being advertised on TV, many app companies are looking for ways to track the app installs resulting from their TV campaign. While the principle is quite straightforward, the actual measurement of the mobile app install becomes difficult due to the media break between TV and second screen device.

SearchSync: How to synchronize paid search campaigns with TV ads

Overview: Integration guide for SearchSync Step 1: Define your SEA sync strategy Step 2: Set up your sync campaign(s) Step 3: Synchronize your campaign(s) Comparing synced and non-synced campaigns Watch the SearchSync training video More information: SearchSync product information, How to tell a connected brand story with TVSync®   84% of smartphone and tablet owners […]

How to set up TV campaign tracking in Adobe Analytics

Overview: Integration guide for TV Tracking with Adobe Analytics (Step 1-7) Attribution of website visits for a TV ad More information: How TV campaign tracking works, TV campaign tracking – why and how?   The TV viewers’ behavior has massively changed from paying attention to one screen only to at least two screens at the […]

TV kampanyası izleme nasıl çalışır?

Makale dili: Deutsch | English | Français | Italiano İkinci ekran kullanıcıları, reklamdan sonra saniyeler içinde reklamverenin web sayfasını ziyaret ederek, şimdiye kadar ilk kez TV reklamlarının etkisini gerçek zamanlı olarak takip etmemize olanak veriyor. Araştırmalarımıza göre, TV reklamlarının siteye gönderdiği izleyicilerin %80’i reklamdan sonraki ilk 90 saniye içerisinde siteye gelmektedirler. Bu etki online analitik araçlarla ölçülebilir.   TV […]

TV Sync: How to tell a connected brand story across screens

This is an article on what TVSync® is. You might also be interested in: wywy’s TVSync® products for: Display/Social/Video, Search, Websites More information on: How TVSync® works   What is TVSync®? TVSync®? means the synchronization of TV ads with online systems in real-time. Basis for the synchronization is an automated content recognition (ACR) technology, which […]

SiteSync: How to synchronize your website with TV ads

Overview: Step 1: Define your sync strategy Step 2: Set up your sync campaign(s) Step 3: Compare synced and non-synced campaigns More information: SiteSync product information, How to tell a connected brand story with TVSync®   Step 1: Define your sync strategy Your goal is to create a seamless story across screens. This starts with […]

How TV Attribution works – white paper

Measuring TV's impact for mobile advertisers: This white paper we published together with our partner Simulmedia shows, how audience-targeted TV works, how and why to use real-time attribution and how advertisers can optimize their TV ad ROI.

Come funziona il tracking degli spot pubblicitari

Questo articolo in: Deutsch | English | Français | Türkçe Per la prima volta, grazie all’uso del second screen (mobile, laptop, tablet) è possibile misurare in tempo reale l’impatto degli spot televisivi in quanto parte dei telespettatori visitano il sito web dell’inserzionista pubblicitario proprio dopo la diffusione dello spot. Infatti, secondo i nostri dati, circa […]

Comment mesurer l’efficacité d’une pub TV

Cet article en : Deutsch | English | Italiano | Türkçe Pour la première fois, les utilisateurs de second écran permettent de mesurer l’efficacité des publicités télés en temps réel car (une partie de) ces utilisateurs visitent immédiatement le site web de l’annonceur dans les secondes après la diffusion. En fait, basé sur notre étude […]