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Success Stories

TV Attribution: Understanding reach and engagement

Presenting the Leon model, SEAT used wywy’s TV Analytics solution to measure the impact of its TV campaign on website visits and conversions. This helped gain a deeper understanding for future campaign planning of which factors drove viewer engagement.

TV Attribution: Driving soccer fan engagement

With the aim to drive soccer fans’ online engagement, Coca-Cola used wywy’s TV Analytics solution to measure the impact of its TV campaign on website visits and conversions. This helped gain a deeper understanding of which factors drove viewer engagement for future campaign planning.

TV Analytics: Measuring TV viewers’ online engagement

With its massive reach, TV advertising delivers its message to a large audience. Using wywy’s TV Analytics, international real estate group Ege Yapı gained a deep understanding on how to optimize their campaign to drive viewers to engage online following the TV ad.



Analyzing TV audience engagement rates: What time should I book my TV commercials?

“What time should I book my commercials?” This is one of the most common questions we get from our clients. By knowing when your audience is the most receptive to your message, and therefore most likely to directly engage with your TV ads, you can uncover how to get the most out of your TV campaign.

Introducing our TV Analytics Dashboard 2.0

TV attribution is hard as you do not have any direct tie (e.g. a click) between the ad and the viewer interaction. Due to the direct tie, digital campaigns can be tracked quite easily on a user basis. For TV attribution, you need to build your own model based on the airing time of the […]


Market View

How new technology impacts direct response TV advertising

With the rise of the smartphone and the tablet, fewer and fewer people pick up the phone to call and order what they just saw on television. This change in viewer behavior has a profound impact on how to measure DRTV campaign success.

Programmatic TV: How it works, the players & the right strategies

Overview: Programmatic TV advertising market size The Programmatic TV players Open auction vs. private marketplace Programmatic TV vs. Addressable TV The right Programmatic TV buying strategy for TV advertisers Demographic Buying, Index-based Buying, Engagement-based Buying Recommended further reading   TV advertising today focuses around trying to reach your target demographic based on TV panel data […]

TV Attribution: The 5 things you need to know

With more and more viewers using a second screen device in parallel to watching TV, this shift in consumer behavior allows TV advertisers to track TV's impact more directly. TV attribution - measuring TV's impact on website visits, conversions, or app installs - has become the new craze for marketers. Here are the five things you need to know if you want to start attributing your TV ads.


How To

How to measure TV advertising effectiveness

With almost 40% of worldwide ad spendings, TV advertising still takes the lion's share. But the rise of online advertising and its detailed performance measurement capabilities brings up the question on how to measure the effectiveness of TV advertising.

How to attribute app downloads to TV advertising

With more and more apps being advertised on TV, many app companies are looking for ways to track the app installs resulting from their TV campaign. While the principle is quite straightforward, the actual measurement of the mobile app install becomes difficult due to the media break between TV and second screen device.

SiteSync: How to synchronize your website with TV ads

Overview: Step 1: Define your sync strategy Step 2: Set up your sync campaign(s) Step 3: Compare synced and non-synced campaigns More information: SiteSync product information, How to tell a connected brand story with TVSync®   Step 1: Define your sync strategy Your goal is to create a seamless story across screens. This starts with […]