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Stefan ModlYour contact:
Stefan Modl
Tel.: +49 (0)89-4161432-26
Email: stefan.modl[at]

Here’s why you should work for us:

1. We work in an industry where people spend way more time than on the Internet – in fact it is the top 3 activity right after working and sleeping (or sleeping and working, depending on your personal preferences)

2. We are shaping a new industry (call it Social TV, Second Screen, Interactive TV or whatever) and you will be at the forefront. No copy and paste, sorry.

3. We embrace new concepts: lean startup, drive, rework, you name it. To prove the point: This page was created in 45 minutes using Instagram, WordPress, some creative brain cells and no programmer (they are working on the important stuff right now). And yes: Done is better than perfect.

4. Our company color is orange – who doesn’t like orange?

5. We have a NotFunny office trophy.

6. We have the coolest visual monitoring system ever. And no, you can’t buy it online, it’s home built.

7. We have free drinks as well but it’s all about the right selection.

8. We have a state of the art internal company news alert.

9. We are closer to the Oktoberfest than any other company you applied for.

10. We have a world-class team – because two thirds are developers 😉

11. Some people will say that we collect random stuff at office parties. We know that this is our lucky bowling ball. Three strikes in a row says it all. And it’s orange.
If you unfortunately cannot join our team because you are on a round-the-world trip then join our virtual voluntary crew (others would call them fans or followers) to see what you are missing out AND give us valuable feedback on our latest developments.