We do this by serving as the bridge between the TV and online world, helping brands to extend their TV reach online and thereby building a seamless brand story across multiple devices.

wywy’s TVSync® products are built on a sophisticated technology stack, driven from our Munich-based engineering team, supplemented by world-class technologies stemming from our acquisitions of Idioma (2012) and Second Screen Networks (2013).

While our proprietary automated content recognition (ACR) technology is certainly a central element of our diverse range of products, real-time integrations with major programmatic advertising platforms, web analytics systems, as well as customer websites and their BI systems are the core strengths of our diversified engineering team.

We are driven by the vision of bringing the benefits of the digital world to the TV advertising industry, enabling more efficient advertising for brands and a better customer experience for consumers.

Headquartered in Munich and selected “Germany’s Startup of the year 2012,” we are proud to be operational across the globe with offices in London and New York, constantly increasing our international presence.