About wywy

wywy is a second-screen service provider offering synchronized broadcast detection & interactivity solutions.

In 2012 we acquired Idioma, a leading provider of broadcast monitoring and workflow services to serve as our technological arm.

Idioma integrates various audio and video detection technologies into a sophisticated real-time processing workflow; providing flexible, scalable, location-free, accurate and robust solutions for a global client base (companies such as Nielsen, GFK, TNS and more) since 2001.
With these field proven technologies we have the ability to offer a wide range of solutions, from full scale back-end platforms and services to full-service white label second-screen applications.

Some of our highlights include:

  • 2001
    Launch of SmartLog and AdScanner, automated broadcast monitoring and automated detection platforms. Related U.S. patent application filed for SmartLog and AdScanner technology.
  • 2005
    Launch of the US network, monitoring over 300 national and local TV channels at 29 different locations within the US
  • 2010
    Introduction of LiveSearchTV, a platform for real-time broadcast detection and analysis
  • 2012
    Launch of second-screen interactivity solutions
  • 2013
    Launch of ‘LiveAd Flash’, synchronizing TV & online advertising
    Launch of ‘LiveAd Analyze’, real-time TV campaign performance monitoring
    Acquisition of US-based SecondScreen Networks
  • 2013
    Launch of ‘LiveAd Impulse’, synchronizing TV advertising & advertiser’s homepage