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Step 1: Define your sync strategy

Your goal is to create a seamless story across screens. This starts with choosing the corresponding creative and message for your website. If you advertise a green Seat Ibiza model on TV, show the same model on your website so TV-inspired visitors immediately connect the two. As a majority of TV-inspired visits probably will use their smartphone to access your website, make sure that your mobile version is in sync as well.


Step 2: Set up your sync campaign

wywy’s TVSync® technology automatically detects your TV ad the instant it airs and sends off a trigger to your website. This trigger needs to be processed in real-time and most content management systems unfortunately do not offer real-time updates. That’s why wywy offers its own Javascript solution where you need to implement a line of code on your website. Alternatively, wywy offers platform integrations with Adobe Target, Maxymiser and Optimizely where you set up an A/B campaign, with A being the default page and B being the synced page. wywy will automatically trigger the B campaign in real-time. We offer detailed step-by-step guides for each platform integration, just reach out to us.
Platform integrations:

Adobe Target


Step 3: Compare synced and non-synced campaigns

Each A/B testing platform allows you to define goals. Choose an engagement goal such as page views, time spent on site or similar to see how TV-inspired visits compare to regular visits.

In case you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us:

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