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Our mission:
wywy is a young adtech company based in the center of Munich, Germany. We develop and operate TV analytics solutions that enable advertisers to monitor and analyze the impact of TV campaigns on the advertisers’ websites.
Our team:
wywy’s passionate professionals work directly at the adtech forefront, embracing new concepts and shaping a new multi-screen industry, constantly pushing boundaries. We are highly motivated international team, proud of our company culture.
Our company DNA:

Florian Anderiasch, Developer
“We strive to put products to the market in a timely manner. One example was a web service we needed for integration with an advertising partner. In only two weeks we went from an architectural spike in a technology we hadn’t worked with before (OpenResty with LuaJIT) to a working solution that’s still running in production after nearly two years. Our partner told us it would take four weeks and would not believe us when we were finished after two.”

Sarah Hermann, Developer
“I remember one situation which sums up our company culture quite nicely: We had been trying to implement a feature in ember.js for three days and were really frustrated. We looked into angular.js and saw how this and other issues we had encountered could be solved really quickly. But it would mean a complete rewrite of the frontend, losing precious days on our race to launch. We presented our solution and after an open, heated and very constructive discussion we got full backing and a go within the day.“

Is this the right environment for you?
We are looking for motivated and professional developers and engineers in Munich.


Image 1, 2, 3, 6: ©Jürgen Dannenberg, Bilfinger/Alpensektor
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