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When it comes to TV advertising, we book a campaign based on target demographics and “hope for the best”. Yes, every expert in the company and at the ad agency really likes the TV commercial. Yes, we show the TV commercial to focus groups first and they like it as well. But we all know that this is not the real world.
In the real world – where over-spending 10 cents online amounts to a catastrophe – we have no problem booking TV commercials worth thousands or even millions of dollars based on the feedback of a small group of people.
Why? Because quantifying the impact of TV commercials is done mostly through surveys with small groups of people a few weeks after the campaign.

Start-ups, which have now started running TV advertising after maxing out their online marketing channels, are challenging this “it just isn’t possible” attitude. Especially e-commerce players and other online transaction-focused companies, such as online gaming companies, can track the immediate impact of a TV ad through their websites. TV commercials bring a significant uplift to visits, leads, sales and revenue. Some companies have started developing their own tools, retrospectively comparing their KPIs with air times in their TV media plans. This manual process is far from perfect as it is prone to human error, incorrect airing times or faulty media plans.

In fact, here are some statistics based on our experience from the media plans we see:

Fact 1: The most up-to-date weekly media plan is on average
89% correct for number of planned TV commercials. In other words, on average you will miss 1 in 10 TV commercial airings.
Fact 2: Planned airing times are on average 5:22 minutes off from actual airing times. In other words, if you have an attribution time for direct impact on visits, revenues etc. of about 15 minutes, your attribution will be way off.
Fact 3: About 80% of visits will happen within the first 90 seconds after airing, about 90% within the first 3 minutes. Combine that with fact 2 and it tells you how important it is to get exact airing times.

Wouldn’t it be cool if the analysis could be done just like we are used to from online advertising: Instantaneous, automated, available in the analytics tool we use every day? Yes, it would. No, actually, it is. With the start of real-time TV campaign tracking, you can easily integrate the actual airing times into your current analytics tools. This lets you optimize your TV media plan from the moment your first spot airs and proceed to do advanced customer attribution modeling including TV data (also make sure to check out our guide on how TV campaign tracking works).

And if you are not convinced yet, here are a few answers to questions we hear quite a lot:

1. I don’t have the budget.
Do you want to increase the effectiveness of your TV campaign by double-digit percentage points, getting more out of your TV campaign with the same money? Then you have the budget.

2. Why should I pay for something I can do for essay-it free? I already have the website KPI data and the media plan.
A (media) plan is always good until reality comes along. In other words: We know that every media plan is wrong – in a best case scenario you get about 50-70% of the attribution right. Of course you can correct this manually, but would be prone to human error and suddenly the “free” starts costing money. Or you can invest in an automated solution that just works.

3. I don’t need the data in real-time.
Imagine getting all online advertising data a month later. You wouldn’t like that because it would mean running a campaign in a black box, for a month. You need to rethink how to structure your TV advertising campaign: Start off with a small trial across different channels, times and commercials. See what works. Then book the channels & times that work. Change commercials if one particular spot performs worse on your performance metrics. And then in a second step use the real-time information to change your website into a TV-commercial-friendly landing page for the 3-5 minutes after the television commercial airs.

4. I already have my own tool. Why should I pay?
If your tool is instantaneous, fully automated, precise and integrates into your online analytics tool, keep it. Until the next time you need to put development resources to update it. Our motto: Do what you do best, outsource the rest. TV campaign tracking most likely isn’t your core competence so why waste precious resources on it?

5. I don’t have the IT resources to implement yet another tracking solution.
The integration of our tracking code takes about 2 minutes for your IT people. Buy them a coffee, Mountain Dew or Red Bull and then ask nicely for 2 minutes of their time. It always works. And in case you are the IT person: you only need to add one small snippet of code to your analytics tag.

6. I use the free version of Google Analytics. Can I integrate your TV campaign tracking?
Yes. We recommend using a custom variable to implement our solution.

7. I don’t have an analytics tool. Do you offer a full TV analytics solution?
Yes. Together with our analytics partner AT Internet we offer a TV tracking module which you can easily integrate into your website.

8. Can I track my competitors’ commercials?
Yes. We can track any commercial you want to be tracked.

9. Can I track my commercials in country XYZ?
We currently cover the US, Europe and the Middle East. Talk to us, we can set up tracking in basiscally any country.

For further information, please also read our TV Attribution White Paper.

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